A page which allows Users to change their password





Why does this page exist?

The change_pass page allows Users to change their passwords. This page is not really needed in the template, but it could be useful if you allow Users to create accounts for others, and assign temporary passwords to those new Users. If that occurs, Users will be navigated to this page automatically after they log in with their temporary password, in order to create a new password.

This page's link is not within any of the template's navigation elements. Since the template doesn't give Users a temporary password for any reason, Users won't be taken to this page. If the Current User wants to change their password, they can do so on the account page.

Who can access this page?

Currently, any logged-in User can access this page.

What does this page allow my Users to do?

This page allows Users to change their password.

Where do my Users click in order to go to this page?

This page is not linked anywhere in the application, and can be deleted if you don't need it. However, it may be helpful to keep just incase you decide to add functionality that requires assigning Users temporary passwords in the future.

When are my Users taken to this page?

Currently, Users are never taken to this page.

What should I keep in mind about this page’s workflows?

There are only four workflows on this page. The first workflow checks if the Current User isn't logged in, and if so, redirects them to the homepage. The other workflows pertain to saving the Current User's new password. For more information on how this is accomplished, please refer to the B. Save New Password workflow folder.

What else should I keep in mind about this page's design?

The page uses the header_no_logo reusable element to prevent the Current User from changing pages when they are on this page.

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