Translating Your App

How to use Bubble's "App Text" translation feature

In order to dynamically change the language on each page in the editor without using an external service, we can use what Bubble calls “App Text”.

In summary, for any text you need to translate on a page, you would first click on that element, and replace the static text with “App Text”. Here is Step 1 of that process:

Once you’ve defined an App Text, and labeled it, it will appear in the Settings —> Language tab. From there, you can edit it in different languages (you have to manually enter each translation). By default the input will be empty after you select a different language from the dropdown; then you can add that ‘translated’ version of that App Text in the App Settings tab for each language you prefer (shown below):

Note: There is no ‘save’ button; the editor will save these translations automatically

Once you’ve defined these App Texts in the editor, the texts will be automatically translated into the language that the Current User has selected on their account page. Please note that when you are displaying dynamic information (something a User typed in their language and is saved to the database) and those texts need to be translated, you will want to use the Google Translate API for those texts.

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