Set the Landing Page as the Index Page

If you haven't yet already, set the "landing" page as the new index page, and delete the "old_index" page, as described in the Setup Guide.





Why does this page exist?

After you set the "landing" page as the new "Index" page, that page is now the homepage of your application. For example, if your website is, when a User navigates to, they will be shown this page. Customize this page to describe your application.

Who can access this page?

Currently, anyone can access this page.

What should I keep in mind about this page's workflows?

There are only two workflows on this page. These workflows show and hide the page's "Mobile Menu" elements. When customizing this page, you will want to add a workflow to the Call to Action button at the bottom of the page, and customize the footer elements:

What else should I keep in mind about this page's design?

The landing page utilizes free illustrations from Undraw. Undraw illustrations are free and under the MIT license. The Undraw illustrations on the landing page have been customized to match the colors of the template. If you choose to add other illustrations from Undraw, you can modify their colors by downloading the SVG version of the illustration, and changing the colors using an online SVG editor such as Method Draw.

Littlebay is not affiliated with Undraw or Method Draw in any way, and the links above are not referral links.

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