Page Templates

How to create a new page by starting from a page template:

There are four 'page template' designs within the template. These are pre-built, responsive pages (without data/workflows) that you can duplicate anytime you create a new page to save some time!

In the pages/reusable elements organizer, click "Add a new page..."

  1. Enter the name of your new page, and select one of the four page template designs from the "Clone from" dropdown (e.g., "zlayout_1_no_siderbar", "zlayout_2_single_sidebar", "zlayout_3_double_sidebar", "zlayout_4_floating_sidebar"). In this example, I chose the third page template design:

  2. Click the Create button, and Bubble will automatically navigate you to your new page:

  3. Customize this page in any way you'd like! 🙂

List of Page Template Designs

Page Template 1: No Sidebar (zlayout_1_no_sidebar)

Page Template 2: Single Sidebar (zlayout_2_single_sidebar)

Page Template 3: Double Sidebar (zlayout_3_double_sidebar)

Page Template 4: Floating Sidebar (zlayout_4_floating_sidebar)

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