Design Guide

The design guide is used to keep the application's design consistent as you build new pages. It is accessed within your template's editor.

As you build new pages, you can copy+paste element styles from this page, onto new elements in order to change their styles.

How to copy an element's style, and paste it to a different element:

  1. Select an element on the design guide page

  2. Use the keyboard shortcut "Command+C" to copy that element's defined style, or right-click the element and select "Copy style".

  3. Go to the page which contains the elements whose style you want to change.

  4. Select one or more elements (you can select multiple elements by using the keyboard shortcut "Shift+Click").

  5. Paste the copied defined style onto these elements using the keyboard shortcut "Command+V", or right-click one of the selected elements and select "Paste Style". The elements you selected should now have the new style.

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