9. Send Images in a Message

Bubble currently doesn't have its own multi-image uploader plugin.

Though Users can send multiple image files, they are stored as 'files' within the database, not images. This is because the only way to upload multiple image files at a time (currently), is to use Bubble's Multifile Uploader's plugin.

As a workaround, the template uses Bubble's Multifile Uploader plugin to allow the Current User to upload image files. Once the filers are uploaded, the template displays those image files in the Repeating Group Uploaded Files (Photos) element, using the combination of elements below:

Popup Multifile Uploader (Images) Element

The actual Multifile Uploader (Images) element is transparent, and placed on top of the IonicIcon Upload Image Files element. When the transparent Multifile Uploader (Images) element is clicked, the file selector will immediately open, so the Current User can select their photos.

After the Current User selects their photos to upload, they are uploaded to your app's storage, and the transparent Multifile Uploader (Images) element becomes hidden. Then, the Repeating Group Uploaded Files (Photos) element becomes visible in order to display the images and a delete icon in the upper-right corner of each image cell:

This custom setup makes sure that when the delete button is clicked next to an image, that image is completely removed from the app's storage (since the Current User has decided not send it, and we don't want unused images taking up space in the app's storage).

More specific information on these workflows can be found in the D. Files/Images/GIPHYs workflow folder and the delete_uploaded_files API workflow.

Note: A personal plan or higher is needed to run API workflows.

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