2. View/Select a Conversation

Conversations are shown on desktop and mobile by changing the custom states on the Group Conversation (Desktop) element. This element's custom states can be viewed by clicking that element in the property editor, and clicking the "i" element inspector icon:

The most important custom state is the "SelectedConversation" custom state (type: Conversation, list: no) which displays the selected Conversation that the Current User wants to view. (Or, when the page is first loaded at a page width greater than 887 pixels, the "SelectedConversation" custom state (type: Conversation, list: no) is automatically set to the Current User's most recent Conversation).

The Current User can change Conversations by clicking either the Group Select Conversation (Desktop) or Group Select Conversation (Mobile) elements:



When either of those elements are clicked, the "View Conversation (Desktop)" or "View Conversation (Mobile)" custom events are run, which mainly change the value of the Group Conversation (Desktop)element's custom states.

More information on how these custom states are changed and why they are needed can be found in the B. View Conversation workflow folder.

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