2. Send a Message to the User

2. Send a Message to the User

When the Text Button Send Message (or Edit Profile) element is clicked, and the Current User is trying to send a Message to a friend, the Current User will be navigated to the messages page, with two additional parameters:

v = new (this shows the FG - Create New Conversation element once the messages page is loaded)

u = [the unique ID of the person who the Current User would like to message]

When the messages page is loaded, the FG - Create New Conversation is shown automatically, and the "u" parameter User is automatically added to the "Selected Recipients" custom state (type: User, list: yes). (This custom state stores the list of Users who the Current User wants to start a Conversation with):

This way, the Current User can immediately start typing their new Message when the messages page is loaded. An existing Conversation will be displayed if there is one between the Current User and the selected User(s).

More information on this workflow can be found in the C. Send Message workflow folder.

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